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SUNDAY CHAT: Marie Le Moine


With the fresh sea breeze on the mind, we caught up with our favorite blogger, Marie Le Moine, a.k.a @aymumy, to chat about her life on seeing new places. We met Marie when she visited Bali a couple of months ago – one moment she was in the boutique trying on outfits and the next she was off to her next adventure. All we wanted to do was drop everything and follow her and her truly kindhearted and adventurous spirit. So when we heard she was planning a trip to Flores (with her LalunaBali pieces), we did the next best thing trying to fit ourselves in her suitcase. Read her full story to get a glimpse into her trip – it’s full of tourist tips, first time visitor musts and the Indonesian phrase she couldn’t do without !



Someone has just gotten back from her recent dreamy vacay… Tell us about your trip to Flores!

I went on a boat trip with Le Pirate Explorer in Komodo National Park for 5 days doing island hopping, snorkeling, big chill on the boat, big chill on the beaches too, walks on the islands and eat fruits ! My favorite moment was hiking on Padar island, the view on all the beaches was stunning and breathtaking. I also loved chilling and napping on the boat :p

First thing to do when waking up in Flores?

Raise your head and watch the sun rising behind all these wonderful islands

How often do you visit Indonesia?

In the past two years, I visited Indonesia 3 times. My first trips were focused on Bali but there is so much more to see in Indonesia. This is why I visited Flores recently but I still want to discover more of this amazing country.


Is there a phrase that you picked up on that all the locals say? 

« Bagus bagus ! »

The hardest part about leaving Flores is…

Leaving the Pirate Explorer’s boat… It was so marvellous, comfy, peaceful, and my cabin was just perfect !


What advice would you give a friend that has never been to Indonesia?

To get off the beaten track, go where the moment takes him because there are so many hidden gems eveywhere.


Where I’m off to next…

The Philippines with my sister ! Can’t wait !


You have been to some incredible destinations – what has been a stand out highlight so far and why ?

Whitehaven Beach and the Great Barrier Reef seen from a seaplane in Australia. It was so intense, so beautiful, so unreal that I told myself right away it would be hard to find a more breathtaking place !

 –What made you first decide to be an adventurer or traveler? 

At the end of highschool, I didn’t really know what to do with my life but I was sure I wanted to discover new landscapes, new cultures, new people. It was the perfect time to go. This is why I went to Australia. Ever since then, I want to travel all the time.


How has being an adventurer and traveler effected your life ?

Travels made me less shy, more open up to others and eager to discover even more of our world. So in my daily life, I’m always looking for some new destinations and places to visit and in the end it takes much of my time haha

What advice would you give to other traveler?

I have sometimes traveled without much preparation, thinking I would figure things out while traveling, but in the end it quickly became a waste of a time, trying to figure where to go, what to do. And time is precious while traveling. So my main advice would be to prepare your trip. This doesn’t mean that each day, each hour, each activity should be scheduled precisely, but at least have a general idea of your trip and what you want to do and not miss, and leave space for the unexpected. I also always bring with me a nice purse and a little bit of make up to feel a bit more dressed up from times to times. One last thing, don’t bring too much luggage, you will regret it on the first day of your trip.


One item you couldn’t travel without is…

My camera of course !


What is one thing from traveling that you wish never happen again?

The Elephant Orphanage in Pinnawala, Sri Lanka. Actually, it’s not an orphanage at all. It was the worst experience in my life. The elephants were terribly abused just before our eyes. I got there without reading anything about this so-called orphanage, and it’s really stupid when it comes to animals. And this is why I advised earlier to prepare your travel to avoid such awful experiences.


Name one place you wish to be in right now !



If you have the chance to travel island to island, which one Laluna piece would you bring?

I would bring my wonderful Morocco swimsuit, I totally felt in love with it !


Other than travelling – what is your other interests/hobbies ?

I love photography and photo editing. I can spend hours doing this…

What does a typical day in the life of Marie look like?

I wake up quite early to take the most of the day, I work on my computer (I’m a community manager) et stop at the end of the afternoon to go shopping, have a walk or hang out with some friends or my family.


Speaking of adventuring and traveling – do you miss you homeland?

I miss a lot my home in Bordeaux, France ! My daily life, my apartment, my friends and my family, and the salads I make every day haha


Your favorite vacay spot in your homeland?

My favorite spot is Aveyron in the south of France. It’s the place where I was born and where my family comes from. Every summer, I catch up with my childhood friends, my family and take the most of this wonderful region with its hills, its countryside and its rivers.


Your Instagram contents are so dreamy! Who took the pictures and how do you keep your feeds to be nice all the time?

Thank you so much, I try to do my best ! My boyfriend César takes the photos, and I then edit them with Lighroom with my own presets. I try to keep the same presets for each atmosphere to create a sense of unity.


Where do you get your creative inspiration from?

I love browsing Instagram and Pinterest to find inspirations. And I often let instinct be my guide to find some great places to shoot.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years time? 

Living in a house in Bordeaux, traveling frequently and most of all, having a job I love.


If you were now dressed up in one of Laluna’s piece/outfit, which one would it be and what song would you put on? 

The Flower Embro outfit with the Back Tie Top and the Front Split Pants. So comfy and elegant ! I love the details on it ! And for a perfect chill experience, I would listen to Thank God by Rilès


Everyone has a guilty pleasure – what is yours?

Candies… Especially the Lutti Scoubifizz haha ! By the way, it’s also something I miss from my home country


The best piece of advice you have ever received and from who ?

From my parents. They always tell me to follow things through and that it’s better to feel remorse than to regret


Road trip or fly? Road trip


City or beach escape? Beach escape


Bikini or one piece? Both.


Sunset or sunrise? Sunset


Salty ocean adventure or chasing waterfalls? Salty ocean adventure


Tea or coffee? Humm.. hot chocolate! Haha

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